This is a blog in support of a book project and is intended to serve as a place to store valuable sources as I conduct the research phase.

The tentative title of the book is “Against Goliath: Why Liberal Hegemony Failed.” I intend to write a highly critical book on American grand strategy in the unipolar era.

Grand strategy is the collection of policies which produce state security over the long term.  Since the end of the Cold War, America has pursued its long term security through Liberal Hegemony which is constituted of two general strategies. One is known as primacy which is the strategy of military supremacy. The other is international liberalism (or democratic realism) which seeks to spread western institutions (i.e. capitalism and democracy) abroad. By most accounts, these two strategies have failed and the intention of the book is to offer an explanation of why.

The name of this website is borrowed from Reinhold Niebuhr’s pamphlet The Irony of American History, one of the shrewdest and most thoughtful pieces addressing the ill-advised attempts of the United States to reshape the international community in its own image. Originally delivered over two lecture series, Niebuhr used the phrase “managing history” to note the strand in the American character to assume the ability to break with historical processes and start anew. The belief that man is capable of engineering future events despite the heavy weight of history, when combined with an extraordinary amount of wealth and power, can lead to hubris and perilous unintended consequences. Niebuhr wrote in an attempt to warn of such prospects taking shape post World War II.

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