A peace of “trumphalia”

Stephen Walt has a persuasive piece at FP that the most politically possible and the most beneficial foreign policy would be the same thing. He calls it “Westphalian sovereignty” which he describes as

If Trump is looking for a unifying concept for his approach to foreign policy, it is the idea that states are responsible for their own territory and citizens and that other states shouldn’t interfere with either. This notion is consistent with Trump’s own “America First” mentality, and it resonates with the sentiment of populist nationalism that has driven everything from the Brexit vote to the assorted European xenophobes who are so jazzed by Trump’s success. And it is hardly a controversial concept; indeed, it still forms much of the basis for existing international law.

China would be pleased by such an organizing principle to America’s foreign policy. Remember that their distaste for Hilary started in 1995 when she delivered a speech on women’s rights in Beijing.

My concern with Trump is that he has no clear and firm record of a foreign policy ideology and he may be reacting to the previous administration overreaches. President Obama also had no foreign policy record outside of opposing the Iraq War and also campaigned on restraint. But before long he was hosting the Dali Lama and authorizing weapon sales to Taiwan.

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