New data on German attitudes toward Russia


  • 50% think US is to blame for conflict with Russia
  • only 25% blame Moscow
  • 79% think Trump is greater danger to peace than Putin
  • 57% believe RU is trustworthy.
  • 69% think it was wrong to expel RU diplos after Skripal. 

The original data can be found here. The reader should consider that the poll was commissioned by  Russia’s Honorary Consul in Germany. But it does seem to conform with other antidotal evidence that comes out of Germany.

Many Germans do not take article 5 seriously.

A recent survey found a majority of Germans would object to their country supporting a NATO ally caught in a military conflict with Russia.

Source here.

And some leadership leans East.

“Mr Schroeder was Germany’s Social Democrat leader from 1998 until 2005. He is a personal friend of Vladimir Putin and once described the Russian President as a “flawless democrat”. He joined the board of the Russian energy giant Gazprom after losing Germany’s 2005 election and has defended Russia’s response to the crisis in Ukraine on several occasions.

Source here.


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