Daniel Byman on Trump, the Middle East, and Terrorism

Here is one bit

Is Trump making us more or less safe?

He’s made us less safe, primarily on the domestic front. He has alienated Muslims and empowered right-wing voices. This is a very dangerous dynamic that is likely to exacerbate the terror problem moving forward.

Dr. Byman is probably the country’s most insightful commentator on the politics of Islamic terrorism.

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London Attackers Slipped By Despite an Avalanche of Warnings

The is a recent NYT headline.

At the KFC where he worked in Barking, employees were on edge after a video surfaced of Mr. Butt alongside other Muhajiroun members sparring with the police, who were called to a London park where the men had unfurled an Islamic State flag, said Ishtiaq Ahmed, whose brother worked at the same restaurant.

Britain probably needs to rethink its stance on multiculturalism. They just seems too tolerant, almost to the point of stupidity. Alienation from living in western land isn’t unique to muslims. You can find just as many disenchanted westerners living in their homeland yet they don’t kill innocent children because of it.

The rest of the NYT reporting has a good amount of anecdotal evidence that Britain needs to take the threat of Islamic terrorism more seriously.