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Nom: nullsoft shoutcast source dsp v1.8.2b
Format: Fichier D’archive
Système d’exploitation: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS
Licence: Usage Personnel Seulement
Taille: 20.2 MBytes

Les différents puzzles à résoudre sont admirablement bien sentis:. Merci une fois de plus si tu peux m’eclairer un peu plus quand tu pourras. AutoDumpUsers must be ; 0 to use this feature. Du coup Winamp est la uniquement pour on va dire « servir de passerelle » pour capturer le son, et le convertir en Shoutcast pour encoder le flux audio et l’envoyer sur le net. Thu 26 Jul – X etc il n’y aucun problème. Google Updater Service gusvc — Google — C:

Index Create own dhoutcast Free support forum Free forums directory Report a violation Conditions générales d’utilisation. Hallal Bundy Gant de coquillettes Offline Joined: Lost In La Mancha. Thu 26 Jul – Il vous suffit de télécharger Shoutcast, Winamp avec son patch FR bien sûr! Tout d’abord, il faut installer Winamp! Ensuite, installez le patch de francisation. Cliquez sur Editer la configuration.


Shoutcsst voyez un fichier qui s’ouvre dans la bloc-notes: Voici à quoi ressemble son contenu: The maximum number of simultaneous listeners allowed. Setting this value higher ; only wastes RAM and screws up your broadcast when more people connect ; than you nu,lsoft support. While SHOUTcast never asks a listener for a password, a ; password is required to broadcast through the server, and to perform ; administration via the web interface to this server.

This server should ; consist of only letters and numbers, and is the same server your broadcaster ; will need to enter in the SHOUTcast Source Plug-in for Winamp. This is the IP port number your server will run on. If you get a fatal error when ; the DNAS is setting up a socket on startup, make sure nothing else on the ; machine is running on the same port telnet localhost portnumber — if you ; get connection refused then you’re clear to use that port.


The default port is f1.8.2b It is useful to disable this when ; running servers in background without their own terminals.

nullsoft shoutcast source dsp v1.8.2b

The default is Acceptable entries are 1 to Adds and removes still appear regardless of ; this setting. Most people leave this off because the DSP plug-in ; uses http: If you want to ; see people making hits on your admin.


W3C logs contain httpd-like accounts ; of every track played for every listener, including byte counts those listeners ; took. This data can be parsed with tools like Analog and WebTrends, or given ; to third parties like Arbitron and Measurecast for their reporting systems. Can and usually will be ANY or If your machine has multiple IP addresses, ; set this to the one you want it to be accessed by. For people behind caching ; webproxies, change this to the alternate port is what it might be, ; check v1.8.2.

nullsoft shoutcast source dsp v1.8.2b

Otherwise, leave this at Specify 1 to perform reverse DNS on connections. Default is 0 off.


This password if specified changes the ; behavior of Password to be a broadcast-only password, and ; limits HTTP administration tasks to the password shutcast ; here. The broadcaster, with the password above, can still ; log in and view connected users, but only the AdminPassword ; will grant the right to kick, ban, and specify reserve hosts. The default is 0. Subdirectories are supported as of DNAS 1. AutoDumpUsers must be ; 0 to use this feature.

When the source stream reconnects, the listeners ; are rejoined into the live broadcast. For example, if your ; TitleFormat is ‘Justin Radio: Billy plays the blues’.

The default is Yes. The default is ; Yes. If someone is connected for longer than this ; amount of time, in minutes, they are disconnected. When undefined, ; there is no limit defined. It’s automatically generated via the web ; interface.



All other connections for listening will be denied. Setting this value to Yes also forces the ; server into Private mode, since listing this server in the directory would ; be pointless. Useful for servers running lots of SHOUTcast servers that have similar ; configuration parameters, excepting logfile names, banfile names, etc. Keep in mind that the unique ; variable can only be used after it is defined, so don’t try to use a unique ; variable substitution in a path before you define it.

For example, you ; could set: Note that all configuration parameters ; in the DNAS config file are processed first to last, so if an item is defined ; twice in a configuration, the last item to process will be the one that takes ; effect. For this reason, it’s usually a good idea to use the Includes first ; in a config file.

By default, ; SHOUTcast creates one thread for every processor it detects in the ; host system, and assigns listeners equally across all the threads. Increasing reduces CPU, but increasing this value too far ; will cause skips. The value which seems most optimal for kbps ; streaming is microseconds per client poll on our test labs. If you have a slower machine, set this number lower to fix ; skips. If you get XML rendering errors, ; try turning this on.

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