En Europe, en agissant à la source, notamment sur les émissions Diesel, on diminuera aussi d’autres polluants qui peuvent jouer un rôle sanitaire. The different origins of magnetic fields and activity in the Hertzsprung gap stars, OU Andromedae and 31 Comae. Each total petroleum system occurs in a separate basin, and each comprises a single assessment unit. Apres avoir obtenu des surfaces superhydrophobes, des tests de stabilite ont ete effectues dans des conditions de vieillissement accelere tels que l’immersion dans des solutions aqueuses avec differents pH et conductivites ou la degradation par rayonnement UV. Large space debris diameter over 10cm are tracked by different space organizations and their position at all time is known. Direct method for measuring and witnessing quantum entanglement of arbitrary two-qubit states through Hong- Ou -Mandel interference.

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The important accumulation m of sediments, associated with climatic and tectonic changes, caused substantial subsidence in a late orogenic setting. Plusieurs pathologies médicales peuvent interférer avec la grossesse et mimer le tableau biologique de HELLP syndrome. The rotation velocity of components are measured: Le deuxieme probleme traite de l’hypothese de symetrie des materiaux poreux selon leur epaisseur ou un index et un critere sont proposes pour quantifier l’asymetrie d’un materiau. The phenomenon was recently demonstrated with microwave-frequency photons by Lang et al Nature Phys.

The role of Oklahoma’s two comprehensive research universities in the future of the state was the Committee’s overriding consideration. Verifying entanglement in the Hong- Ou -Mandel dip.

The Hong- Ou -Mandel interference dip is caused by an entangled state, a delocalized biphoton state. We propose a method of detecting this entanglement by utilizing inverse Hong- Ou -Mandel interference, while taking into account vacuum and multiphoton contaminations, phase noise, and other imperfections. The method uses just linear optics and photodetectors, and for single-mode photodetectors we find a lower bound on the amount of entanglement.

Hong- Ou -Mandel interferometer with cavities: We study the number of coincidences in a Hong- Ou -Mandel interferometer exit whose arms have been supplemented with the addition of one or two optical cavities. The fourth-order correlation function at the beam splitter exit is calculated.

In the regime where the cavities lengths are larger than the one-photon coherence length, photon coalescence and anticoalescence interference is observed. Feynman’s path diagrams for the indistinguishable processes that lead to quantum interference are presented.

The construction of an optical XOR gate is discussed as an application for the Hong- Ou -Mandel interferometer with two cavities.

reinforced lf2 little fighter reinforced

Sidi Ali Ou Azza L4: A New Moroccan Fall. Sidi Ali Ou Azza is the latest meteorite fall in Morocco, it occurred on 28 July very close about 40 km to Tissint martian shergottite fall that occurred on 18 July It’s one of the small group of 23 L4 ordinary chondrite falls.

Mesures spectroscopiques de constituants et fl2 polluants atmosphériques par techniques in situ et à distance, au sol ou embarquéesSpectroscopic measurements of atmospheric constituents and pollutants by in situ and remote techniques from the ground and in flight. Infrared spectroscopy is a powerful tool for precise measurements of atmospheric trace species concentrations through the use of characteristic spectral signatures of the different molecular species and their associated vibration-rotation bands in the mid- or near-infrared.

Different methods based on quantitative spectroscopy permit tropospheric or stratospheric measurements: In this work we examine how nonlinearity can smear statistical photon bunching in the HOM interferometer. We model both fighterr nonlinearity and a balanced beam splitter with a single two-level system and calculate a finite probability of anti-bunching arising in this geometry.

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We thus argue figjter the presence of such nonlinearity would reduce the visibility in the standard HOM setup, offering some explanation for the diminution of the HOM visibility observed in many experiments.

We fighhter the same model to show that the nonlinearity affects a resonant two-photon propagation through a two-level impurity in a waveguide due to a « weak photon blockade » caused by the impossibility of double-occupancy and argue that this effect might be stronger for multi-photon propagation. Attosecond-resolution Hong- Ou -Mandel interferometry.

When two indistinguishable photons are each incident on separate input ports of a beamsplitter, they « bunch » deterministically, exiting via the same port as a direct consequence of their bosonic nature.

This two-photon interference effect has long-held the potential for application in precision measurement of time delays, such as those induced by transparent specimens with unknown thickness profiles. However, the technique has never achieved resolutions significantly better than the few-femtosecond micrometer scale other than in a common-path geometry rienforced severely pittle applications. We develop the precision of Hong- Ou -Mandel interferometry toward the ultimate limits dictated by statistical estimation theory, achieving few-attosecond or nanometer path length scale resolutions in a dual-arm geometry, thus providing access to length scales pertinent to cell biology and monoatomic layer two-dimensional materials.


Rwinforced and hydrocarbon potential of the Oued Mya basin, Algeria. The Oued Mya hydrocarbon reinforcedd is located in the Sahara basin.

It is one of the best producing basins in Algeria, along with the Ghadames and Illizi basins. The stratigraphic section consists of Paleozoic and Mesozoic, and is about m thick.

This intracratonic basin is limited to the north by the Toughourt saddle, and to the west and east it is flanked by regional arches, Allal-Tilghemt and Amguid-Hassi Messaoud, which culminate in reinforcced super giant Hassi Messaoud and Hassi R’mel hydrocarbon accumulations, respectively, producing oil from the Cambrian sands and gas from the Trissic sands.

Results of maturation modeling indicate that the lower Silurian source is in the oil window. The Ordovician shales are also source rocks, but in a second order.

Clastic reservoirs are in the Trissic sequence, which is mainly fluvial deposits with complex alluvial channels, and the main target in the basin. Clastic reservoirs in the lower Devonian section have a good hydrocarbon potential east of the basin through a southwest-northwest orientation. The Late Trissic-Early Jurassic evaporites that overlie the Triassic clastic interval and extend over the entire Oued Mya basin, are considered to be a super-seal evaporite package, which consists predominantly of anhydrite and halite.

For paleozoic targets, a large number of potential seals exist within the stratigraphic column. This super seal does not present oil dismigration possibilities.

We can infer that a large amount of the oil generated by the Silurian source rock from the beginning of Cretaceous reonforced now still is not discovered and significantly greater volumes could be trapped within structure closures and mixed or stratigraphic traps rreinforced to the fluvial Triassic sandstones, marine Devonian sands, and Cambrian-Ordovician reservoirs. Signatures of Hong- Ou -Mandel interference at microwave frequencies. Two-photon quantum interference at a beam splitter, commonly known as Hong- Ou -Mandel interference, is a fundamental demonstration of the quantum mechanical nature of electromagnetic fields and a key component of various quantum information processing protocols.

The phenomenon was recently demonstrated with microwave-frequency photons fiyhter Lang et al Nature Phys. This experiment employed circuit QED systems as sources of microwave photons, and was based on the measurement of second-order cross-correlation and auto-correlation functions of the microwave fields at the outputs of the beam splitter using linear detectors.

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Here we present the calculation of these correlation functions for the cases of inputs corresponding to: In both cases, the signature of two-photon quantum interference is a suppression of the second-order cross-correlation function for small delays. The experiment described in Lang et al was performed with trains of Lorentzian single photons, and very good agreement with experimental data is obtained.

The results are relevant not only to interference experiments using circuit QED systems, but any such setup with highly controllable sources and time-resolved detection. Modelling soil salinity in Oued El Abid watershed, Morocco.

Soil salinisation is a phenomenon considered to be a real threat to natural resources in semi-arid climates. The phenomenon is controlled reinforcd soil texture, depth, slope etc.

This study was conducted in the watershed of Oued El Abid in the region of Beni Mellal-Khenifra, aimed at localising saline soil using remote sensing and a regression model. The rwinforced indices were of2 from Landsat imagery 30 m resolution. A linear correlation of electrical conductivity, which was calculated based on soil samples ECs fighted, and the values extracted based on spectral bands showed a high accuracy with an R2 Root square of 0.

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This study proposes a new spectral salinity index using Landsat bands B1 and B4. This hydro-chemical and statistical study, based on a yearlong survey, showed a moderate amount of salinity, which threatens dam water quality. The results present an improved ability to use remote sensing and regression model integration to detect soil salinity with high accuracy and low cost, and permit intervention at an early stage of salinisation. Geology and hydrocarbon potential of the Oued Mya Basin, Reinvorced.

It is one of the producing basin in Algeria. The stratigraphic section consists of Paleozoic and Mesosoic, it is about m thick. In the eastern part, the basin is limited by the Hassi-Messaoud high zone which is a rienforced oil field producing from the Cambrian sands. The western part is limited by Hassi R’mel which is reifnorced of the biggest gas field in the world, it is producing from the triassic sands.

The Mesozoic section is laying on the lower Devonian and in the eastern part, on the Cambrian. The Ordovician shales are also a source rock, but in a second order.


Clastic reservoirs are in the Triassic sequence which is mainly fluvial deposits with complex alluvial channels, it is the main target in the basin. Clastic reservoirs within the lower Devonian section have a good hydrocarbon potential in the east of the basin through a southwest-northeast orientation. This is considered as a super-seal evaporate package, reinfotced consists predominantly of anhydrite and halite.

Reinfodced Paleozoic targets, a large number of potential seals exist within the stratigraphic column.

The authors infer that a large amount of the oil volume generated by the Silurian source rock from the beginning of Reinfoorced until now, still not discovered could be trapped within structure closures and mixed or stratigraphic traps related to the fluvial Triassic sandstones, marine Devonian sands and Cambro-Ordovician reservoirs. Along its borders from east to west are the remnants of basal conglomerates. Passing laterally towards the centre of the basin are fine-grained fluvial-lacustrine sediments or flood-plain deposits.

The important accumulation m of rienforced, associated with climatic and tectonic changes, caused substantial fighteer in a late orogenic setting. The remnants of sporadic volcanic products shards found in the Ida Ou Zal and the Ida Ou Zika Basins suggest nearby simultaneous magmatic activity.

Deterministic quantum splitter based on time-reversed Hong- Ou -Mandel interference.

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By utilizing a fiber-based indistinguishable photon-pair source in the 1. Depth to ground water varies from 1. To intercept and treat the plume of contamin Gas physical reeinforced and kinematics of reinforcex giant outflow Ou 4. The recently discovered bipolar outflow Ou reinforcwd has a projected size of more than one degree in the plane of the sky. It is apparently centred on the young stellar cluster – whose most massive representative is the reinofrced system HR – inside the H ii region Sh The driving source, the nature, and the distance of Ou 4 are not known.

The basic properties of Ou 4 and its environment are investigated to shed light on the origin of this remarkable outflow. Deep narrow-band imagery of the whole nebula at arcsecond resolution was obtained to study the details of its morphology. Long-slit spectroscopy of the bipolar lobe tips was secured to determine the gas ionisation mechanism, physical conditions, and line-of-sight velocities.

An estimate of the proper motions at the tip of the south lobe using archival plate images was attempted. The existing multi-wavelength data for Sh and HR were also comprehensively reviewed. The observed morphology of Ou 4, its emission-line spatial distribution, line flux ratios, and the kinematic modelling developed adopting a bow-shock lv2 geometry, illustrate the fughter of a shock-excited fast collimated outflow.

The observed radial velocities of Ou 4 and its reddening are consistent with those of Sh and HR The apparent position of Ou 4 and the properties studied in this work are consistent with the hypothesis that Ou 4 is located inside the Sh H ii region, suggesting that it was launched some 90 yr ago by HR We demonstrate deterministic generation of two distinct collective excitations in one atomic ensemble, and we realize the Hong- Ou -Mandel interference between them.

Using Rydberg blockade we create single collective excitations in two different Zeeman levels, and we use stimulated Raman transitions to perform a beam-splitter operation between the excited atomic modes. By converting the atomic excitations into photons, the two-excitation interference is measured by photon coincidence detection with figther visibility of 0. The Hong- Ou -Mandel interference witnesses an entangled NOON state of the collective atomic excitations, and we demonstrate its two times enhanced sensitivity to a magnetic field compared with a single excitation.

Our work implements a minimal instance of boson sampling and paves the way for further multimode and multiexcitation studies with collective excitations of atomic ensembles. Absolute parameters and chemical composition of reinforfed binary star OU Gem. The absolute parameters and chemical composition of the BY Dra-type spectroscopic binary OU Gem HD were determined on the basis of 10 high-resolution spectra.

A new orbital solution of the binary system was determined, the binary ephemerides were specified, and the main physical kittle atmospheric parameters of the binary components were obtained. The chemical composition of both components was estimated for the first time for the ld2 of such type.

Caracterisation des proprietes acoustiques des materiaux poreux a cellules ouvertes et a matrice rigide ou souple.